Dublin Commuter Coalition was founded to act as a much needed voice for public transport users in the Greater Dublin Region. We aim to be an avenue for Dubliners to voice their issues, wishes, concerns or approval of public transport in the Greater Dublin Region.

We want to represent the needs of cyclists and pedestrians in Dublin. Cyclists and pedestrians are as much part of the public transport network as the people on the bus, train or Luas and their engagement and input is vital to develop a public transport network that works for everyone.

We've just begun to get our feet off the ground but the level of engagement we are seeing thrills us and makes us really excited about where the coalition can go.

We know our website isn't up to standard.

But we are working on it

Who are we for?

Public Transport Users

Never before has there been a group specially set up to advocate for those of us who use public transport as our primary method of travel. Dublin Commuter Coalition will advocate for improved public transport infrastructure and network improvements that make travelling by public transport a joy.


An extensive and segregated cycling network gives Dubliners the real choice to cycle in an environment that is safe and comfortable and convenient. The more people cycling the less people taking up space on public transport and ultimately the less people driving. We all benefit when people cycle.


As our friends at the Irish Pedestrian Network say:

"We are all pedestrians at one point or another"

it is therefore a no brainer that we should all be calling for better pedestrian space. From wide footpaths, to better junction design and comfortable public spaces and plazas. We need to demand better space for pedestrians in the city, the suburbs and our towns and villages.

People with Reduced Mobility or Vision

A public transport network that only serves the needs of able bodied people is not truly public.

Dublin Commuter Coalition will always aim to act for the benefit of those who have reduced mobility or vision. Enabling them to access all of Dublin's public transport and all of Dublin's public space with comfort, ease and safety.


Often people engage civically with their local representative or residents association if they have an issue with their city or local area they would like to see adressed.
But as people in private rented accommodation often move around the city from place to place, they don't always get a chance to make that connection.
Dublin Commuter Coalition aims to be an avenue for renters to give their feedback on their city no matter what part of it they are currently living in.

Young People and Students

Being able to easily move around the city increases young peoples ability to engage with their education and also helps them develop socially, civically and later vocationally.
Dublin Commuter Coalition aims to be a voice for young people and students voicing their issues with how the network works for them.

New Modes

Scooters, Unicycles, Hoverboards, Unicorns.
When a person chooses sustainable transport over the car they're a winner in our book.
That's why we will advocate for the interests of people who have chosen non-traditional modes of sustainable transport to move around the city.


What we're working on.



Dublin Commuter Coalitions believes that the Metrolink project will impart huge benefits to huge portions of Dublin. Just like the Luas changed how Dubliners travel, Metrolink will fundamentally alter how we see the city and it's largest town Swords.

We support the entire project, including the southern section, also known as the Green Line Upgrade.

We will campaign to ensure the full line is delivered as planned, as the cost of not upgrading the Green Line will ultimately hurt all of Dublin.


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