Who we are

We began as a Facebook Group <- click to visit.

The group has exploded in popularity from a handful of people in January 2019 to nearly 500 hundred people by the end of January 2020. Our Twitter has also seen phenomenal interest, reaching almost one thousand followers in less than two months.

We are in the process of formalising our membership system. Our newly elected Committee and recently enacted constitution have set the framework for how we will develop.

Get to know our Committee Below.

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Kevin Carter

Main Modes: Walking, Cycling, Luas, Bus

Kevin is a Donegal native who moved to Dublin to become a Graphic Designer. He currently works for a design agency in South Dublin.

With an interest in transport mapping and design, Kevin has a keen interest in public transport.

Kevin's commute takes him from one side of the city to the other. This journey can sometimes take up nearly 4 hours of Kevin's day and so he is eager to see improvements in Dublins Transport system.


Oisín Gilmore

Main Modes: Walking, Bus, Cycling, Luas

Oisín is an econnomist and a Dublin native. He's a long time activist around various environmentalist, feminist and socialist questions. He thinks a shift to sustainable modes of transport is central if we are going to reduce carbon emissions. He wants to see Dublin develop one of the best public transport systems in the world.


Cian Murphy

Main Modes: Walking


Feljin Jose

Main Modes: Walking, Cycling, Bus

Cian was raise in rural Louth and has always been passionate about bring public transport to everyone who needs it. He is currently an undergraduate student studying mathematics at Trinity College Dublin

Feljin grew up in North Dublin and is currently a postgraduate research student at Dublin City University working in the field of solar fuels. his main modes of transport are Dublin are cycling and the bus but he's interested in all aspects of sustainable travel


Hugo Fitzpatrick

Main Modes: Walking, Cycling, Luas


Claire O'Leary

Main Modes: Cycling

As a Dublin regional nomad for most of his life, Hugo has lived in several areas, the longest in County Louth. He am a Consultant Planner in the Private Sector and is an avid proponent of active travel and sustainable transport. He currently lives centrally and commutes to Dundrum by foot/bike and Luas. He don’t have a driving license and believe that this is an option that should be open to many.


Patrick Doyle

Main Modes: Bus, Luas

Patrick moved from Ashtown to Charlestown so he would not have to use the bus as the bus was very crowded through Finglas. He now commutes using the train from Ashtown station to Broombridge / Tara Street to the Luas from Broombridge / Trinity to Harcourt. Overcrowding on the bus that he tried to move away from has now followed him on his train based commute. He wants to see Dublin become a better city for everyone and public transport is a key component for that goal for him after experiencing public transport in other countries.

Claire is a native of Galway but has lived most of her adult life in Dublin & London enjoying various modes of transport options in those cities. Her main mode of getting around Dublin is by cycling so she is a big advocate for improving our cycling infrastructure. As Dublin grows she is passionate about making it a shared, liveable space that we can all enjoy, be proud of & thrive in. 


Simon Boyne

Main Modes: Walking, Cycling, Bus

Simon lives on the Finglas/Glasnevin border. Simon has lived in Dublin all their life he uses the PT network quite extensively. He now generally cycles to work as the bus has become far too slow and unreliable. He hopes Dublin will one day have an integrated network

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