No more delays.

Metro North has been delayed long enough. The Northside section of the Metro needs to progress without delay. Any issues that arise need to be expedited rapidly so that the line can be delivered as fast as possible. North West Dublin and Swords have been waiting long enough. Any calls for a revaluation of the direction of the line in South Dublin will impact the Northern section. The current alignment is the preferred route. Get going.


Green Line Capacity Enhancement Programme

We want to know the costs involved in upgrading the Green Line in the proposed piecemeal fashion in comparison to the original plan to upgrade the Green Line to Metro standard. Further we would like to know the timeline of the proposed capacity enhancements and how these enhancements will affect the remainder of the Green Line and how they will affect the timeline of the proposed extensions to Finglas and Bray.


The disruption that delayed the Green Line Upgrade

Fundamentally, we disagree with delaying the Green Line Upgrade to offset disruption to Green Line commuters in the short term. The Green Line Capacity Enhancement Programme will increase the numbers of people using the line and that disruption will be even worse and will merely be waiting for us in the future. We recognise that by carrying out the Upgrade as a second phase it reduces the length of disruption, but it makes more sense to carry out the Upgrade as soon as possible after Metrolink North is operational and to not wait until the Green Line has reached capacity in 20 years. 


Protection of the Green Line Upgrade.

Metro South as part of the Greater Dublin Transport Strategy 2016-2035 is a fundamental pillar of public transport provision in the Greater Dublin Region. It affects the viability of Bray as a commuter town, as well as the later upgrade of the Green Line from Sandyford to Cherrywood and the viability of the Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone and the some 7,000 homes due to be built there. We expect extensive proof to be published and be made easily available so that people in South Dublin are able to see and understand that Metro South is strategically important. Further, we disagree with attempts to divert the line to Rathfarnham or UCD as these will be magnitudes more expensive and will not address overcrowding on the Green Line.


The Green Line Pre-Upgrade
To further reduce proposed disruption, every possible effort should be made to carry out as much of the planned upgrade works alongside the Green Line Capacity Enhancement Programme. From installation of fencing along the line, upgrading security and camera systems. Power and signalling upgrades and signage and access points. Even the grade separation and planned underpasses & footbridges should be prepared for construction. All these can be done without impacting Green Line services in the short term, but will reduce the list of necessary works required when it comes to Upgrade the Green Line to Metro.

Greater Publicly Minded Publication of Engineering Decisions.

The Public Consultation on the Emerging Preferred Route of Metrolink was awash with confusion and misinformation about how the proposals affected closures to the Green Line and what was the cause of the extrapolation from 9 months to 4 years of proposed closures. Furthermore, the NTA and Transport Infrastructure Ireland must stop waiting on the sidelines for the Public Consultations to be over before correcting false or misleading information. For example, almost all media outlets published that the Green Line would close for 2-4 years, when it was in fact a rolling partial closure of one section.


Cycling Infrastructure.

Where possible all Metro stations should be fully fitted with high quality, video supervised, well lit and expansive bicycle parking and related cycling infrastructure. Including drop kerbs to allow for bikes to cycle into the cycling facilities without having to dismount on the road.


Charlemont Interchange

Charlemont will become a major interchange between the Green Line and Metrolink. Masses of commuters using the Green Line to travel north will interchange at Charlemont. Metrolink passengers from North and West Dublin (thanks to the link at Glasnevin) will all converge on Charlemont as they travel south to Sandyford, Carrickmines and Cherrywood. Splitting the two stations and creating a street level interchange will cause dangerous overcrowding at street level. The two stations must be combined into a singular complex.


Cycling Access During and After Construction.

The construction of the new Glasnevin Iarnród Éireann interchange will give the area a stellar station from which all manner of journeys can be made. However closure of the Royal Canal Greenway during construction, cutting cyclists off from one of their few dedicated cycle ways cannot be allowed without the implementation of an appropriate alternative. Whether this comes in the form of a temporary bridge from the Shandon Park / Gardens area, a bridge over the canal on the south bank entrance on Phibsboro Road or through a well thought out constriction schedule that minimises the length of closure. Closure of access to the Greenway for a period of up to 6 years is not acceptable.

Further, every effort should be made to allow adequate access for cycling to and from every metro station, including Estuary, which is a Park and Ride facility but should also cater for Cycle Park and Ride. Adequate access should be retained or implemented for elevated sections and Cut and cover sections.


Metro Exits and Entrances

Plans available now, and rudimentary drawings show stations with only one entrance. These stations are almost 100m long, so having one entrance on one end of the station isn’t appropriate. Especially in the city centre, stations like Tara Street, O’Connell Street, Mater, St. Stephen’s Green and Charlemont will definitely have the traffic to warrant at least two entrances. The sheer size of Glasnevin and the multitude of routes and services it will carry more than necessitates the need for more than one entrance. This could come in form of an escalator down to the Metro Station in the station forecourt, gate line access from the Royal Canal and from the Car Park area directly to the Irish Rail Platforms, bypassing the station proper. This station is set to be extremely busy and having only one entrance will cause crowding.


Naming Conventions

Swords Central isn’t exactly in central Swords, it’s on the other side of a bypass. Simply Swords or Swords Pavillions would be more appropriate.

If Charlemont Metro and Charlemont Luas must be separated, then their names should reflect their disconnection. To imply they are part of the same station will cause street level confusion.



Dublin Commuter Coalition is excited to see Dublin’s first Metro line begin construction and eventual operation. Metrolink will be an asset to communities and commuters right across Dublin, North and South, East and West.

We hope our voice will be given credence in this process as better public transport affects all of us no matter where in the city we live.




This is what we submitted as our Submission to Metrolink for the Preferred Emerging Route.

We had hoped to campaign to save the Green Line Upgrade using the #RelinkMetrolink campaign, but subsequent reports release have shown that by doing the line in two phases, we can reduced the proposed disruption to the Green Line during construction of the Upgrade.

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