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Dublin Commuter Coalition welcomes Government approval of MetroLink

PRESS RELEASE - 4 July 2021

Sustainable mobility advocacy group Dublin Commuter Coalition welcomes the Government’s approval of the Preliminary Business Case for the MetroLink project and calls on the Government, the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to deliver this landmark project as soon as possible.

Dublin Commuter Coalition’s Chairperson, Feljin Jose, said, “MetroLink is the single most important transport project currently planned for Dublin. It’s a landmark investment in modernising Dublin’s sustainable transport infrastructure, and will set the benchmark for other major infrastructure projects in Ireland in following decades. After many years of promises and proposals, we are thrilled to see an important step taken towards making this critical project a reality. We’re eagerly awaiting the railway order application and we hope to see construction on the project begin right away once approved by An Bord Pleanála. Once people see its success, they will demand similar services for their area.”

Dublin Commuter Coalition committee member, Janis Morrissey, said, “The Government’s approval of the business case is an important and very welcome step. However, there is a long way still to go, and the overall timeline for MetroLink remains slow and unambitious. We continue to call on the government to deliver MetroLink as soon as possible, and ahead of the current projected 2034 timeline. This will require hard work and dedication from all involved, as well as unwavering government support, but we firmly believe that it must be done. The people of Dublin cannot afford to let this project drag on any longer.”


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