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It’s time we started designing for the people we are, not the vehicles we drive

PRESS RELEASE - 17 January 2020

Dublin Commuter Coalition, a group that advocates on behalf of public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians in the Greater Dublin Area has produced a manifesto covering 12 main topics in the lead up to General Election 2020.

The document sets out what the current government should have already done to address overcrowding, what the next government must do immediately upon reaching office and what they must begin planning to do for the next decade.

The list includes fast tracking of all rail infrastructure projects in the country, upgrading the National Rail Network, provision to begin the development of High Speed Rail from Belfast to Cork via Dublin, Bus systems in as many of Ireland urban areas as possible. Walking and cycling infrastructure on all road projects as standard. Extensive retrofitting of existing roads to allocate for cycling. A reimagination of pedestrians priority on our roads. Enhanced encouragement of the use of eRides and a fundamental expansion in the states provision for those with mobility of sight impairments.

Kevin Carter, chairperson of Dublin Commuter Coalition said: "The first reaction to a list like this is likely to be 'How could we possibly afford all this?' But the real question is how can we not afford to do this? Congestion is due to cost Dublin alone €2 billion a year by 2030. It's not doing this that will cost us"

Dublin Commuter Coalition will be doing its best to scrutinise all candidates and parties in the run up to Election 2020 and to review all parties and candidates transport policies and voting records with the aim of giving voters the best information on sound transport thinking.

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