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Metrolink Email Template

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Dear Councillor/Deputy

My name is <YOUR NAME> and I am one of your constituents in <LOCAL AREA>.

I am deeply concerned about reports that Metrolink and elements of DART+ are due to arbitrarily delayed for several years. If reports about the revised National Development Plan are to be believed, we are choosing to delay public transport infrastructure in favour of increased roads and road upgrades.

For several reasons this is madness.

  1. In May 2019 the Irish government declared a Climate Emergency, you don't delay sustainable transport infrastructure in favour of more roads when you're in an emergency

  2. The Programme for Government clearly states this government agrees to prioritise the delivery of Metrolink, DART+ and Bus Connects.

  3. A metro line for Dublin was originally proposed in 1975, almost 50 years ago, it's beyond foolish to delay this line again.

Metrolink is crucial for Dublin as a whole. The line connects all our rapid transit lines together and creates for the first time a cohesive and expansive network. This level of connectivity is imperative if we're going to reduce congestion and our carbon emissions.

Since 1983, Ireland has built, on average, 24km of motorway a year. In the same period, we've built 0km of metro line.

Representatives that support the prioritisation of road building over public transport investment will not be thanked by the electorate.

No more delays, build this metro.

Thank you for your time,


N.B. This email was crafted by Dublin Commuter Coalition, a public transport advocacy group, to make it easier for people like myself who don't feel comfortable crafting technical emails, I do however stand by its content.

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