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Transit: New Real-Time App for Dublin

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We’ve always maintained that a key tool to helping people choose public transport is knowing when their bus/train will show up. So we are very excited to introduce you to Transit - a new public transport app for Dublin!

Download Transit here:

To welcome you aboard, the team at Transit are offering free subscriptions to their Royale feature, which unlocks additional functionalities in the app, to all Irish users for a 6-month trial period. Best of all, Royale will remain free for Dublin Commuter Coalition members even after the trial period! All of our members will receive Transit Royale as part of their annual Dublin Commuter Coalition membership, once the free trial ends.

So not only will you be supporting our advocacy work for better public transport in Dublin, you’ll get the Royale features too!

Learn more: Webinar with the Transit team

Below is a recording of a webinar with the Transit team, held on Monday 14th August 2023. This webinar covers Transit 101: how the app works, Royale features, and more interestingly, “under the hood” - how Transit consumes data from various sources and combines with their own user info and analytics.

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